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November 2005 WKMG Local 6 TV News Story

Anchor Credits Acupuncture For Birth Of Baby


November 2004 WKMG Local 6 TV News Story:

Credits Acupuncture For 'Miracle' Baby

Acupuncture Treatment for Fertility

The goal of acupuncture treatment for fertility is to re-establish the body’s own ability to support pregnancy. By regulating the menstrual cycle and correcting the body’s internal balance, a woman’s chances of conceiving are dramatically increased. Once the rhythm is restored, the hormones trigger the activities for each part of the cycle at the proper time. 


For this reason, acupuncture for fertility takes more than one treatment and often more than one menstrual cycle. Many women benefit from receiving treatments once a week for the first month and then every other week for a couple more months. This frequency addresses therapy to different parts of the cycle, specific to each woman’s condition. 


Oriental Medicine examination and diagnosis seeks to find the pattern unique to each individual. Not all cases of infertility are treated the same. While one woman may have too much “internal cold” or “stagnant energy,” another one may have “dampness” which impedes her ability to conceive. Some women will need to take specially prepared herbs; others may need to change levels of activity or rest. Each therapy session is customized for the woman and the phase of her cycle 


Given the right conditions, the body does the healing to achieve health and a successful outcome. Acupuncture therapy can provide the key to restoring those optimal conditions.

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